Q: What is the difference between Click Earner fetch and Click Earner forward?
A: That’s pretty easy: fetch retrieves the e-mails from your Gmail account by IMAP and forward receives your e-mails because you need to setup forwarding to your personal Click Earner e-mailaccount.

Q: Do you save my Gmail username and password?
A: No! Your Gmail credentials will never be saved.

Q: Why are the links from my safelist not opened automatically?
A: We try to keep up with all the safelists, but it can happen that we don’t know the safelist yet. Please forward a couple of creditmails to [email protected] and the safelist will be added to the system. 

Q: What happens when no links are detected in an e-mail?
A: The mail will not be deleted and stays in your mailbox.

Q: Are my Gmail filters visible in Click Earner?
A: Yes! All your first-level filters are visible and clickable. Nested filters don’t work, so please don’t use them.

Q: When will commisions be paid?
A: Every day the commisions are calculated and posted on your account page. You can choose to withdraw them or use them to pay for your Click Earner subscription.

Q: Can I use Click Earner to access multiple Gmail accounts?
A: Of course! The only restriction is that you can access one Gmail account at a time.

Q: Should I wait for my subscription to end or can I already make a payment?
A: No, you don’t have to wait. If you make a payment already the time is added to your account.

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